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How to rock your boudoir session

April 14, 2021

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A simple 5 step guide to rocking your boudoir session when you’re not sure what the f**k you signed up for.

Okay, you booked a boudoir session and now you’re wondering what exactly you got yourself into. Trust me when I say this: all good things. Boudoir is all about trusting yourself, appreciating how capable and magical your body is, and seeing yourself in a whole new light. And I’m here to help you absolutely rock your session, start to finish! Here’s how:

maternity boudoir arch

Be confident.

I know, I know… easier said that done, right? But seriously. If you’re uncomfortable during your session, the images will reflect that. I tell my family portrait and wedding clients the same thing. If you feel awkward, there’s a good chance you look awkward. So hold your head up high even if you’re scared shitless! Let go and remember that even you deserve to feel beautiful, sexy, and worthy! Fuck anyone’s expectations and just go for it!

cozy cardigan boudoir

Choose a style that is true to you.

You may think that boudoir is all about being seductive, but it really doesn’t have to be. As much as I love when the ladies let loose and get funky with me, I also really really adore the cuddled-up-in-a-blanket-or-cardigan look. It’s possible to be sexy without being naked. If this is you, rock it! This is more than likely your natural state anyway and exactly how your honey sees and loves you daily. Feel free to incorporate your nerdy side, your plant lover side, or your wine-o side. The simple props and outfits that speak to who you are, are the best props, because you’ll look back at these photos in years to come and think, “Yep, that’s totally me,” and that’s exactly what we want.
And on the same note, if you are that funky gal that wants to get down and dirty in a new piece of strappy lingerie, rock that too! In the end, even if these photos are for someone else, your session is still about you. If you choose something completely opposite of your usual, you’re more than likely setting yourself up to look uncomfortable in the end product.


boudoir detail shot

Communicate with your photographer, but also trust them.

Chances are, your photographer has photographed a multitude of boudoir sessions with a multitude of body shapes. The beauty of no body being alike is that your photographer’s experience capturing flattering angles is probably fairly tuned in. Nonetheless, it is very important that you communicate which parts of your body you’d like to showcase and which you’d rather not. With that said…
Rock your long legs
Rock your curves
Rock that booty
Rock that body!
And remember, we all have rolls when we sit. We all have cellulite, stretch marks, birth marks, moles, you name it. Your body is beautiful and normal and those things aren’t dirty words. Remember to trust your photographer because she knows some really important things: some bodies can pull off certain poses better than others, certain angles of lighting can be more flattering, and you are capable of much more than you think. Trust us photographers; we consistently see ladies show up nervous and end up rocking their boudoir session!


studio boudoir session

Treat yourself to hair and makeup.

If not included in your package, give yourself permission to go get your hair and makeup done. This can play hand in hand with gaining some confidence.
This could mean some simple waves, boisterous curls, or a straight, edgy look. This could also mean a sultry smokey-eye or a more natural look (please leave all your beautiful freckles uncovered). Again, completely up to you, but the point is: give yourself permission.


rocking boudoir session

Have fun!

This. Is. Huge.
Your photographer’s goal is to have you feeling like a straight hottie by the end of your session, but don’t worry if you need a little help. We will blast some music, have a drink, and dance around. Feel free to bring mimosa fixings or coordinate with your photographer to do this. If the location is 420 friendly, this can also be super fun! Just remember to book yourself a DD or Uber because safety is also key. And since you’re already all dolled up, you might as well make an entire day out of it! Go out to dinner, take a romantic drive, you know what to do.


Trust me, you can do this.
Xoxo, Char


Photos of Char taken by Claire Johnson Photography

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