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I'm a twenty-something based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest who is obsessed with all things lavender and vintage. I enjoy this crazy life with my honey and our rambunctious little boy! I am a health enthusiast, wannabe chef, essential oil lover, and most importantly a mommy. I spend most of my days snuggling the goofiest little blond haired, blue-eyed toddler you'll ever meet and his daddy, who matches to the "T." You can find me planning my dream home, our future garden, and tomorrow's adventures. I also love to read (although I rarely find the time), bake goodies, and go thrift-shopping! I believe in farmers markets, love that moves mountains, and laughter with friends over a cup of coffee!

Believe it or not, it wasn't love at first snap! There wasn't an ah-hah moment that I can remember. I've just always loved photography and I've always loved people. Building a career out of this just seemed like a "duh" to me. I get to spend time creating beautiful images that are swooned over for generations while forming lasting relationships with my clients (future best friends!)

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Yes, I live the oily life. These little bottles of goodness have opened my eyes to the world of natural, toxin-free living and have given me tools to live in a more conscious and purposeful way. I so enjoy switching out everyday cleaners and products for healthier alternatives that are safe for my kiddo. Hello lemongrass on my dryer balls and Thieves in my cleaning cabinet!

My whole life... loving these two adventurous people just comes so easy. They are always challenging me to become a better woman, a better partner, and a better mother. There is nothing more rewarding than building a life with the two most amazing people I know-- learning together, creating together, and loving together.

Am I the only one that thinks pie smells like home? Maybe it's because I spent my entire childhood in the kitchen watching my award-winning momma bake apple pies. I can pick out that sweet aroma from literally anywhere, and now I spend hours in my own kitchen attempting to create her perfect flaky crust and making a huge mess in the process! At least David loves reaping the rewards of my labor.


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My loves

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