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Hailey, Tyler & Avory | Leavenworth Family Photographer

March 12, 2021

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Leavenworth Family Session

Okay, this might be the easiest blog post I’ve ever written. I. Love. This. Family. And their family session outside Leavenworth is sooo stinking cute!
Hailey and I met a few years ago when she asked me about essential oils. We immediately bonded over wanting the best and most natural alternatives for our babies (they were both itty bitty at the time) and through that interest, a friendship happened. I don’t know if you realize how difficult it is to make friends when you’re a young mom. It’s like really freaking hard. Sometimes it seems like the entire world is against you, but you have to get up and keep fighting every single day for your family and yet we’re still expected to find time to like, make friends (??). Hailey is the best example of this. She dreams big, works hard for her goals, and sets a standard for her daughter to follow. I just know that sweet, sassy little girl will learn those traits from her momma.

Flash forward two years and I’ve been able to watch Hailey grow within her business and within herself. I’ve watched her grow as a friend, a leader, and a mother. It seemed like photos of her family were definitely in order to document this. Plus, those kiddos grow way too fast and photos are always the best way to be able to freeze these moments in time.

Finally, they got a beachside session!

But seriously, I felt like I waited forever for this day. I was finally able to meet her honey, Tyler, too! Whenever we hung out together with the kiddos, we’d always mention photos and it just never seemed to happen. Life gets so busy sometimes, especially when you’re working your ass off. But finally, finally, we were able to make their Leavenworth family session happen at the perfect time. Summer on the Tumwater is gorgeous and anywhere on this river is perfect! The tan sand and green water make these images so playful and Hailey’s flow-y dress definitely added to the carefree feel!


child portrait children's portrait photographer

mom and daughter portraits family by river

family snuggling playing in the water

family beach portrait

candid portraiture daddy daughter portrait mom and daughter fun

tumwater canyon session

laughing family leavenworth family photographer

I am so happy we were able to capture some images of Avory just being Avory. This sweet thing just loves to be outside. She wanted to play in the sand and explore the shore as much as she could while we were there, which worked so well because it allowed us to capture some images of just mom and dad outside of Leavenworth also. And they were definitely worth capturing!

child adventuring kids portrait

child with personality

a helping hand gasping

cuddling family

pnw family photographerfamily pictures

Annnndd then the fire starts happening… queue sexy time music because the chemistry between this two is ooh-la-la!!

leavenworth couples session leavenworth portraits

touching foreheads

couple kissing

laughing portraits kissing on the beach

beach portraits

Xoxo, Char



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