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Chelsea & Josh | Malaga Couples Photographer

July 31, 2020

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Malaga Hilltop couples session

Oh man… I knew this session would be fire! How you ask?
One, because Chelsea is a fellow photographer in the Wenatchee area and has a creative eye. And two, because she stepped out of her Jeep looking drop-dead gorgeous in the mustard colored dress! She knows the way to my heart: that color, straight up. Paired with the local Balsamroot on Stemilt Hill… even better!!

Chelsea and I have been wanting to get together for a Wenatchee Couples session for so long.  Both with busy schedules (working day jobs and also rocking the side hustle), we just couldn’t make it work. FINALLY, we did, and I couldn’t be happier with the way these images turned out. Literally all the thanks to Chelsea for leading me deep into the Malaga hillside for this not-so-secret Balsamroot patch at the perfect time of day. I could tell she had been saving this spot special for her couples session with Josh.

A hidden gem in the Malaga hills

Not going to lie, I lovingly wondered at one point in the very long drive if they were leading me somewhere into the hills for a “wrong turn” type crime scene. But the last turn introduced us to this gorgeous field just off the road and my jaw literally dropped.


The sun came through the trees and created the most gorgeous glow on the flowers while Chelsea and Josh got comfortable in the front of the camera. In all honesty, it didn’t take long. As I mentioned earlier, Chelsea is a fellow photographer so she basically led their session with just a few suggestions from me. It was so easy and so natural!


woman in marigold dress piggy-backing boyfriend

couple riding piggy back in malaga malaga couples session in field of balsamroot

woman riding boyfriends back and giving him kiss on cheek couples hugging in field of balsamroot closeup of girl kissing boyfriends cheek while riding his back

couple walking through malaga balsamroot field with dog

girl in marigold dress sitting on lap of boyfriend, sitting on log closeup of malaga couple kissing while sitting on log

Then this sweet moment happened! That twirl!

And let’s not forget the fur baby. I get excited every time a couples tells me they’d like to bring their pups!

sequence of boyfriend spinning his girlfriend in marigold dress action shot of couple spinning in field candid image of boy spinning girl in yellow dress

couple smiling at each other while sitting on log closeup of girl in yellow dress and her yellow dog

closeup of couple touching noses while sitting on each other's lap

girl crouching kissing her dog on the cheek girl laughing while sitting on boyfriends lap

Switching gears to a Wenatchee Overlook

We switched gears and changed locations to this beautiful Wenatchee overlook. Josh pointed out all the landmarks of our small town from his daily route and we had so much fun adventuring just a little bit more!

man leading girl up hillside overlooking wenatchee

man holding girl from behind as she looks back to kiss him girl cuddling with boyfriend on malaga hillside

couple petting their yellow dog between them and laughing girl in black and man in maroon walking away from camera in malaga hills



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