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Savannah & Family | Wenatchee Family Photographer

August 29, 2020

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Wenatchee balsamroot family session

I knew during my very first session in the Malaga hills, that this location would be a hit for family sessions, so when Savannah reached about about a session for her daughter, mother, and herself, I was beyond STOKED! What a sweet idea to include her little’s grandma. Coming from someone whose mother is a HUGE part of her kiddo’s life, I know how special that relationship really is. Don’t get me wrong either, our mommas are great mommas. But they’re even better grandmas, trust me.

So let’s backtrack a little. Savannah and I met through Instagram probably about a year ago. I think we clicked over plants and parenthood, which is actually the best way to meet someone if you ask me. I think in the vast age of social media, the most amazing part is the ability to meet people and connect where you probably wouldn’t have otherwise. So Savannah and I started talking about life and it turns out our kiddos are the same age. Then the conversation evolved to essential oils and photography– basically my two loves besides my family. Savannah ended up booking her session shortly after and let me tell you, it was so special¬†spending some time in nature with three beautiful generations!

“A mother’s love never wanes”


little girl twirling in front of her mother and grandmother

little girl being held and looking over grandma's shoulder little girl being held and touching noses with grandmother

wenatchee family hugging in field of flowers

mother and grandmother kissing cheeks of girl mother and daughter looking at each other in wenatchee field mother holding daughter and kissing her on cheek

mother holding daughter and kissing her on the lips

girl in white dress twirling little girl in field of flowers looking at camera

little girl riding mother's back as sun comes through trees behind them girl holding bouquet as she is being held by her mom

These three coordinated perfectly and their soft pink pastels were gorgeous against the last Balsamroot of the season. They go so fast around the PNW that we have to utilize them, but thank goodness this location is higher in elevation so the golden blooms last a little bit longer.

And some more sweet moments with grandma and momma during this Wenatchee family session.

The real moments are the ones that matter most, and will be remembered the most vividly.

girl hugging grandma as mother smiles at them

kneeling grandma looking at granddaughter grandma hugging granddaughter in flowered forest girl and grandma hugging

mother, daughter, and grandmother embracing in pastel outfits

mother in floral dress kneeling with daughter candid of kneeling mother with daughter mother kneeling and kissing daughter in white dress

girl sitting on mother's lap on end of fallen tree in field

mother holding daughter close in forested area mother in floral dress tickling daughter in white as they sit on a log

girl dazing over mother's shoulder girl being held by grandmother, who is walking through brush at golden hour

three generations of women embracing on log during golden hour

Towards the end of our family session, Savannah asked if I would be willing to take a few pictures of her…


I try to be as flexible as possible during sessions, but I get especially excited when I get to do something unexpected. I don’t usually photograph seniors, so doing individual portraits isn’t something I get to do often. It’s so funny how times and comfort zones change, by the way. I used to only photograph seniors and turn down family sessions (HA! What was I thinking?) But we had so much fun twirling in the golden light and I’m so pleased with how these portraits turned out for her.


woman in floral dress twirling in light coming through the trees woman looking at camera and running hand through hair in wenatchee forest

woman in dress posing for camera

woman playing with hair during wenatchee golden hour, posing for camera woman holding dress and twirling in wooded area with bed of wildflowers


Xoxo, Char




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